Coward Man Kills Dog And Poses For A Trophy Photo

This is outrageous. This man killed a dog and then proudly uploads his trophy photo on social media to show people what a coward and cruel man he truly is. In the photo, he is holding a lifeless body of a dog through it’s tail, not only that, he’s actually smiling for the photo as if he’s done the world a big favor.

Well, it has been reported that the man in the image hates dogs and wishes for all of them to disappear. Not only that, but after killing the dog he claimed that the world had one less dog. Why he hates dogs? Because his neighbors keep letting their dogs loose no matter how many times he’s warned them not to. This 31 year old man lives in Zgorigrad – Vratsa, Bulgaria. Authorities have pressed charges on the man after the photo went viral on the internet.

Take a look at this image


Image Credit: yousignanimals